At Sunny Beginnings, we are driven by a commitment to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of children and families in Southern Utah. While we are still in the early stages of our journey, our goals are set high, reflecting our dedication to creating a nurturing and supportive community. 

Making a Difference

Impact Goals

  • Enhanced Access to Quality Childcare: Award 25 private subsidies to families in need of childcare support.
  • Risk Management: Help 100 families proactively work towards self sufficiency and lower stress.

  • Support for Professional Caregivers: Provide resources and training to childcare professionals, elevating the standard of care and education in our community.
  • Community Engagement and Awareness: Foster a strong sense of community involvement through initiatives like the dahlia growing collective, encouraging local participation and support.
  • Sustainable Funding for Childcare Programs: Establish a robust funding model through donations, sponsorships, and unique fundraising activities to continuously support and expand our childcare programs.
  • Flower Collective – Raise $100k by growing flowers and selling bouquets
  • Developmental Opportunities for Children: Create environments where children can flourish emotionally, socially, and intellectually, laying a foundation for their future success.
  • Advocacy for Childcare Reform: Be a leading voice in advocating for policy changes and reforms that benefit childcare at the local and state levels.