Flower Collective

Growing Together for a Brighter Future

The Flower Collective is a unique fundraising campaign aimed at supporting quality childcare through the beauty of dahlia flowers. This initiative brings together the expertise of local dahlia farmers and the dedication of community members, who wish to contribute to a noble cause while fulfilling their other roles full-time.

How it Works

Partnership with Dahlia Farmers

We partner with local dahlia farmers who generously donate tubers, knowledge, and expertise for our collective.

Gardening by Moms

Locals of all ages, especially moms who prefer to stay home, cultivate these dahlias in their yards.

Selling Flowers

The grown dahlias arethen sold by wholesalers and florists, who produce stunning fresh bouquets locally, generating funds and cultivating long-term relationships and support for our private subsidy program.

Participate in the Flower Collective

This program offers an opportunity to engage in a fulfilling activity, connect with the community, and contribute to a cause that directly benefits children.

If you’re a mom or an individual interested in gardening and supporting our cause, join our Flower Collective and help us grow!

Sponsors & Donors

By donating tubers, farmers not only support a noble cause but also gain exposure for their farms and contribute to the national dahlia growing community.

Dahlia farmers interested in contributing can donate tubers, expertise, or funds providing essential resources for our collective.

All contributions, including tuber donations, are 100% tax-deductible. We value every contribution, and we’re open to discussing any terms or arrangements that suit your preferences.